Marlborough Wine Region Cellar Doors

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Marlborough Wine Tour

Marlborough Wine Region

The Marlborough wine region offers a great choice of Cellar doors you can visit on your Marlborough tour. The available cellar doors range from very small to large wineries. Thus giving the chance to try many of the unique tastes of the region.

Marlborough claims the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world, known for its fruity and vibrant characteristics. To defend this statement, Lawsons Dry Hills received the world’s best Sauvignon Blanc producer in 2013 award. Sauvignon Blanc from other regions of the world do not compare therefore making it unique. As a result many guests on a Marlborough wine tour are expecting to spend their time just tasting Sauvignon Blanc. Imagine their surprise when they learn Marlborough grow and produce different varieties.

The Marlborough wine region consists of a number of valleys, however, the main two valleys are the Wairau and the Awatere Valleys. Most of the cellar doors are located within the Wairau Valley while the only current exception is Peter Yealands, located in the Awatere Valley. As a result our Marlborough wine region tour is in the Wairau Valley. The Awatere Valley is about 25 Kilometers south of the Wairau Valley and due to a cooler climate has a longer ripening time. This reflects in the different flavours represented in the fruit and therefore the wines.

Where to stay in Marlborough:

Blenheim is a great place to stay as the cellar doors are nearly all within 15 kms of the town. Picton is a little further away from the Wairau Valley and takes about 20-25 minutes driving time to reach the Wairau Valley.

Cellar Doors Available On Your Marlborough Tour:

Listed below are the wineries that have cellar doors thus allowing you to taste wines in the Marlborough wine region tour. Finally click on the links below to get an insight into the specific wineries that you may be interested in.

To help plan your Marlborough wine region tour download a map of the Marlborough cellar doors here. We hope the above helps you to plan your wine tour. To book a group wine tour with us click here.

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