Bladen Wines from Marlborough New Zealand


Bladen wines of Marlborough New Zealand, formed in 1989 by Dave and Chris Macdonald. Dave and Chris used to have busy jobs in Wellington and in the evening they would sit contemplating their lives with a glass of wine. To quote Chris ‘We often sat and discussed what it would be like to have our own vineyard and wine’. Therefore discussions took place and they decided there were only two main problems to making their dream happen. They did not know enough and they did not have enough money! This did not stop them and they searched for their ideal location.

The beginning

Dave and Chris settle on Marlborough New Zealand and bought some land off a local farmer, however, the land was surrounded by farming and a little away from other vineyards. Now the land is in the heart of the vines of the Marlborough wine region. They continued to work in Wellington and come to Marlborough at the weekends. Starting with Pinot Gris Dave and Chris hand planting all the vines.

The Bladen wines label has a pair of gloves on as they soon discovered hand planting in stony soil was hard on the hands and gloves were essential. This weekend work continued over a number of seasons until all the vines were planted. They have the oldest Pinot Gris vines in the region. Their name comes from their kids names being Blair and Denny.

Bladen Wines from Marlborough New Zealand

They stick to core varieties that grow within Marlborough New Zealand. Hence their varieties being Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer. They use the Pinot Noir for a dry Pinot Noir Rose as well as the Pinot Noir Red.

Their initial vineyard contained some Gewurztraminer vines, however, after a few years they stopped producing fruit. Chris wanted to produce Gewurztraminer wine as it is a personal favorite. While out with friends, the Tilley's, they informed them the Gewurztraminer vines had stopped producing. The Tilley's offered to plant Gewurztraminer vines on their land and supply the fruit to Chris and Dave. To this day the Gewurztraminer bottle has the name Tilley on the bottle.

Bladen Wines Marlborough New Zealand
Bladen Wines Marlborough New Zealand

Bladen Wines Cellar Door

Their Cellar Door is very small, just like the winery. In fact the cellar door was originally part of their house. Therefore small and cosy with a lovely garden to sit and sample some of their wines. A lovely Marlborough New Zealand cellar door.

The cellar door has plenty of seating in the garden allowing tastings to happen outside as well as in the cellar door. Meats, cheese and biscuits can also be purchased at the cellar door to pair with the wine.

Picture at Bladen wines Marlborough New Zealand cellar door during one of our wine tours

Posing for a picture at Bladen Cellar Door during their Marlborough wine tour

Bladen wines Marlborough New Zealand

John introducing Bladen wines to the tour group during their wine tour.

To find out more detail visit their official site, or as a result of the above book a group wine tour or enquire about a Private wine tour. Enjoy your Marlborough wine tour or Blenheim wine tour.

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