Framingham Wines from Marlborough New Zealand

Framingham wines Marlborough History

Framingham wines Marlborough, setup by Rex Brooke-Taylor. The name comes from his ancestral home the town of Framingham in Norfolk England. One of the first wineries to plant Riesling in the region. Therefore they have some of the oldest Riesling vines in Marlborough at over 35 years old.

Initially they used other wineries facilities to produce their early releases.  In 1994 they released the first wine under the estate label. Framingham built their current winery in 1998, thus creating their part in the history of the region. Rex decided to sell the winery to Pernot Ricard in 2004, thus allowing further investment and to utilise their channels to market. A change of Focus by Pernot Ricard lead to Sogrape buying them in 2009.

Their Wines

Known for the aromatic grape varieties, Riesling is their speciality grape. Framingham make about 8 versions of Riesling, however, their largest production is Sauvignon Blanc. Other grapes grown are Pinot Gris, Viognier, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer and Montepulciano. Pinot Gris and Chardonnay are made in reasonable quantities, but, the others are only made in small quantities. Montepulciano is rare for the region with only one other winery with a cellar door growing this variety.

Framingham wines Marlborough have two main labels. The estate label represents everything one would expect from Marlborough wines. The F Series label are more specialised, so giving the wine maker the chance to experiment a little. These wines are made in small quantities, hence every bottle has the total produced and the number for each bottle.


Todays tour group tasting in the garden. The garden contains lovely roses visible behind the group.


Tasting in the downstairs cellar. This is the only cellar we can visit in the region. Framingham hold a pre harvest concert each year. Therefore they display the posters on the walls.

In their garden

A view of the well kept garden with plenty of roses. The aroma when you enter into the garden is always lovely.


The fountain in the garden with a view of the Richmond ranges in the background


Wine library in the cellar with wines from many different years.

Their 3 labels

Three different labels of Framingham estate

To find out more detail visit Framingham Wines official site, or as a result of the above book a group wine tour or enquire about a private wine tour. Enjoy your Marlborough wine tour or Blenheim wine tour, however, if you need to find out more information please contact us.

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