Fromm Winery Marlborough New Zealand

Fromm Winery Marlborough

Fromm Winery Marlborough planted their first vines in 1992. Planted by Hätsch Kalberer and the Fromm team under the guidance of their Swiss founders, Georg and Ruth Fromm. Georg and Ruth have since returned to Switzerland and sold the winery to Pol Lenzinger and Swiss business partner George Walliser. Despite the change of ownership Hätsch continues to be the head winemaker. Fromm is fully organic in the production of grapes and the wines. They are unusual in the Marlborough region in that they make more Red wine than White wine. The Red varieties grown are Pinot Noir, Syrah and Malbec, with the Malbec vines being the oldest Malbec vines in Marlborough.

Fromm Winery Pinot Noir

Fromm wines come in one of two labels. Le Strada are blended wines and the Fromm labeled wines are single vineyard wines. Fromm still use cork to seal the Fromm wines, hence they are unusual from another point within Marlborough.

Pinot Noir has become the most important Red wine variety for Fromm winery. They grow the grapes in the Clayvin vineyard in the Brancott valley and the Fromm vineyard located by the Cellar door. Fromm is classed as a small winery making about 6000 6 bottles cases per vintage. Therefore all the wines are hand crafted to ensure high quality. Pinot Noir’s made by Fromm include;

Clayvin single vineyard Pinot Noir, grown on clay soils. Thus, characterised by its beautiful, ripe dark-fruit flavours, richness, elegance and fine texture.

Fromm Single vineyard Pinot Noir. A multi-layered wine, very concentrated without appearing big or heavy, with positive tannin support.

Quarters Pinot Noir produces wines with a fine texture, flavour density and elegance.

Churton Pinot noir grown in the Waihopai Valley. This vineyard benefits from morning sun but not the intense heat of the afternoon. Therefore this produces a very elegant wine.

Le Strada Pinot Noir blended from both of the above vineyards.

Couve ‘H’ Pinot Noir. A special release to celebrate 25 years of wine making by Hätsch. A blend of some of their single vineyard sites, hence, Fromm winery regard it as their flagship Pinot Noir.

Pinot Naturel made without fining or filtering and very little sulphur. Therefore, this leads to an uncomplicated, refreshing and vibrant red.

Fromm Pinot Noirs

Four different Pinot Noir's for tasting at their cellar door

Fromm Winery Marlborough cellar door

A view from outside the Fromm Cellar Door taking during a wine tour

Inside their Pinot Noir Barrel Room

Trisha discussing the wine in the barrel room at Fromm winery during their tour

Fromm Barrel room

Fromm winery Marlborough barrel room

Further Information

To find out more detail about Fromm winery Marlborough visit their official site. Book a group wine tour to taste their wine or enquire about a private wine tour. Enjoy your Marlborough wine tour or your Blenheim wine tour.

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