Lawsons Dry Hills Winery, Marlborough New Zealand

Lawsons Dry Hills Winery

The history

Lawsons Dry Hills name comes from a fusion of their surname and the dry hills behind the winery, known as the Wither Hills. Ross and Barbara Lawson started in the early days of the Marlborough wine region. They started as grape growers selling them to wineries.   They planted their first vines in 1980, so making Ross and Barbara early adopters in the region. After 12 years it was time to have their own label, thus starting Lawsons Dry Hills winery in 1992. They chose Gewurztraminer as their first vines before the Marlborough Wine region became famous for Sauvignon Blanc.

Today at Lawsons Dry Hills Winery

Today they have expanded their varieties. They produce Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as well as the original Gewurztraminer. Grapes are grown in a mixture of their own vineyards and those of contract growers.  Vineyards distributed throughout the Wairau and the Awatere Valleys demonstrate the different characteristics in the fruit from the two valleys. Therefore this allows them to blend the different vineyards together in a regional blend or make wines from a specific Valley. Their Blind River label uses fruit from just the Awatere Valley.

World Sauvignon Blanc Day 2018

Lawsons Dry Hills winery also took part in the above event as shown in a picture below. Hence tastings offered included;

4 different vintages from their reserve range shown in the black label wines

3 different vintages from their estate range shown in the white label wines

1 Awatere Valley wine from their Blind River range.

Lawsons Dry Hills

Different vintages and labels but all Sauvignon Blanc! Tasting during World Sauvignon Blanc day 2018


Wine tour posing for a picture at their cellar door

Wither Hills viewed from Lawsons Dry Hills cellar Door

View of the atmospheric Wither Hills taken from Lawsons Cellar Door.

To find out more information visit the Lawson Dry Hills Winery official site, or as a result of the above book a group wine tour or enquire about a private wine tour. Enjoy the Marlborough region and your Marlborough wine tour or Blenheim wine tour.

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