Rockferry Wines, Marlborough New Zealand

Rockferry Wines History

Rockferry Wines is a small organic winery located in the Marlborough wine region. They have 3 vineyards. Two in Marlborough and one in Bendigo Central Otago. Their total production quantity is around 8000 12 bottle cases. Owners Tom and Fiona converted their house to become the cellar door in 2011, therefore giving a location to serve and sell their wines. Since then a new cellar door has been build, therefore separating the Restaurant and Cellar door.

The Restaurant is a great place to have a lovely lunch. They serve rustic cafe style food. A perfect match with their wines. Enjoy sitting inside, on the balcony or within the garden.

The cellar door offer the choice to sit inside or outside while tasting their wines.

Rockferry Wines

Rockferry wines have three different labels for their wines. The estate label uses grapes from various blocks of their company owned vineyards. The Single Vineyard wines, made in small volumes, use only the best fruit. Therefore ensuring a quality wine, and only made in excellent years. The sparking range, made in the traditional champagne method and labeled as Method Traditionelle.

Rockferry wines grow two unusual varieties for Marlborough wineries. Pinot Blanc is usually used in blending, however, Rockferry make a beautiful single vineyard wine. Do try this with their fish dish during your visit. The Tempranillo grape better known from the Rioca region of Spain. Rockferry grapes grow on North facing slopes in Central Otago. This ensures getting plenty of sun to aid the ripening. Hence a lovely fruity Tempranillo wine rather than a heavy earthy wine.

Most wines in Marlborough are fermented in either stainless steel tanks or oak barrels. Rockferry use concrete eggs for their Pinot Blanc and one of their Chardonnay wines.

Marlborough Natural Winegrowers (MANA)

Rockferry Wines are part of MANA, a group of organic wineries. Members share some common beliefs and approaches in the vineyard and winery. Each of them believe this is important for quality and environmental reasons.

If you are interested, you can read more on the MANA website at

To find out more detail visit the Rockferry wines official site. In Summary book a Blenheim wine tour or enquire about a private wine tour. Enjoy a visit during one of Na Clachan's Marlborough wine tours.


Rudy explaining about the Rockferry wines during the wine tour. Normal tastings here consist of 5 wines.


Chris and Rudy celebrating Chris's birthday during a visit, hence the hat with candles! A lovely day despite working.

full day wine tour

Posing for this photograph, however, they would rather be eating the lovely food. Beautiful fish of the day matched with Pinot Blanc wine during their wine tour.

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