Spy Valley Winery, Marlborough New Zealand

Spy Valley Winery

Spy Valley Winery founded in the 1990s by Bryan and Jan Johnson. They established 320 acres of estate vineyards on land considered too hard, too dry and too infertile for wine in the Waihopai Valley. Hence accepting a big challenge. The next question was to name the winery.

Brian and Jan thought long and hard and decided to use a combination of a local landmark and the Waihopai Valley. The government communication center in the picture is known locally as the spy base. Therefore they decided on the name Spy Valley Winery. To this day marketing make use of this. Morse code is used on the side of the building and around their bottles. The phonetic alphabet is used on their merchandise and James bond pictures adorn areas of their cellar door. Marketing as a result have lots of fun with this idea.


The building has a message in Morse code at the top of the wooden cladding. The top two rows have areas missing and each of the 3 sections form a letter. The 3 letters spell SPY (... , .--. , -.--)


Their Wines

The estate range offer great value for money. Included in the range are 3 very unusual wines for the region. A dessert wine made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes called Iced Sauvignon Blanc. Most dessert wines in the Marlborough region use Riesling or Gewurztraminer grapes for their dessert wines.  The Syrah (Shiraz in hot climates) and Merlot / Malbec blend, both made from lightly cropped vines, therefore ensuring they ripen sufficiently in the Marlborough climate.

The Envoy range is their premium range of Spy Valley winery. Lightly cropped in the vineyard and greater attention to fruit quality in the wine making process as a result some lovely small production wines.

They make a lower alcohol Sauvignon Blanc called Easy Tiger.

The Echelon Method Marlborough is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes therefore ideal as an aperitif.

Find out more about the Spy Valley winery at their official site  and in addition book a Blenheim wine tour or enquire about a private wine tour.

Interested in the Winery? Check out our Spy Valley Wine Tour - you won't believe these views!

Spy Valley Winery cellar door

Enjoying tasting the wines during their wine tour


A view of one of their vineyards during our visit

Find out more about the Spy Valley winery at their official site and in addition book a group wine tour or enquire about a private wine tour.  In conclusion enjoy your Marlborough wine tour.

Interested in Spy Valley Winery? In short check out our Spy Valley Wine Tour – you won’t believe these views!

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