St Clair Family Estate, Marlborough New Zealand

St Clair Family Estate

St Clair family estate owned and setup by Neil and Judy Ibbotson started growing grapes in 1978. Early adopters for the Marlborough wine region, initially they sold their grapes to early producers. However, Neil had a desire to increase the quality of wines in the region and decided to create his own label and winery. Their first wines were released in 1994 and each wine won at least one award.

The name St Clair is derived from their first vineyard originally settled by pioneer James Sinclair. The St Clair winery is in the Riverlands area just outside Blenheim, however the Cellar door is located in the Wairau valley close to other cellar doors. Therefore very easy to visit on your Marlborough wine tour.

Their ranges of wines

St Clair produce a variety of wines in different tiers and prices as a result a wine for different tastes and budgets.

The Vicars choice range

These wines are fresh and vibrant with excellent flavours for every day drinking. The entry range for the St Clair estate wines.

The Origin range

The new name for their premium range. This is the main production range and exported to over 60 countries around the world. They offer great quality at affordable prices.

The pioneer block range

The Pioneer Block range are all single vineyard wines. The number on the bottle defines the vineyard where the fruit is grown. The Marlborough wine region is varied in terms of soils and climate. Hence, the grapes exhibit different flavours depending on where they grow. This range of wines highlights these differences, therefore producing a range of single vineyard Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noirs.

The reserve range

St Clair family estate finest wines. Hand selecting grapes of exceptional quality is a prerequisite for this label. The special attention given to these wines by the winemaker, therefore, ensuring wines of exceptional character and uncompromising quality.


4 vintages of the Wairau Reserve Sauvignon blank and a pre release of their 2018 vintage

4 vintages of the Wairau Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and a pre release of their 2018 vintage, hence a great experience on World Sauvignon Blanc day 2018

Mark, Helen, Sarah and Hamish enjoying tasting Sauvignon Blanc at St Clair Cellar Door

Mark, Helen, Sarah and Hamish enjoying tasting Sauvignon Blanc at the St Clair cellar door during their wine tour.

To find out more information visit the St Clair Family Estate cellar door official site, or as a result of the above book a group wine tour or enquire about a private wine tour. Enjoy your Marlborough wine tour or Blenheim wine tour.


Fancy lunch in the vines? Then take this table and enjoy lunch.


Platter at St Clair Family Estate during a Blenheim Wine Tour

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