Villa Maria Wines, Marlborough New Zealand

Villa Maria wines history

Villa Maria wines founded by Sir George Fistonich in 1961 when George was just 21 years old. George leased 5 acres of land off his father and planted 1 acre of vines. In the 1960's most of the wine in New Zealand came from European producers. George need to come up with a name and Villa Maria wines seemed appropriate as the name could have come from a number of European countries. They are now a large global brand exporting to over 50 countries around the world. George became Sir George in 2009 for his services to the New Zealand Wine Industry.

Villa Maria cellar doors

Villa Maria currently have 2 cellar doors where their wines are available for tasting in Auckland and Marlborough. The Auckland site is where Villa Maria started and has a restaurant as well as a cellar door. The Marlborough cellar door is based at the winery and generally has about 7 wines available for tasting. These wines generally showcase wines from Marlborough and the Hawks Bay wine producing region.

Villa Maria Labels

They have 4 tiers of wine in their main production labels.

The largest production by far is under the Private Bin label. Theses wines are what can be called the bread and butter of the company, good quality wines at reasonable prices. The label is white/cream in colour.

The Cellar Select is the second tier of the Villa Maria portfolio of wines. These wines are made with higher quality fruit and made in much smaller quantity than the private bin label. Generally found more in wine shops than supermarkets.

The black labels only use the top quality fruit and are their premium wines. Villa Maria have two slightly different black labels. The vertical rectangular label are for single vineyard wines and the nearly square black label is for regional blends. These wines, made in very small quantities, not readily available in retail, however, are available for tasting at the Marlborough cellar door.


To find out more detail visit Villa Maria wines official site, or as a result of the above book a group wine tour or enquire about a private wine tour. Enjoy your Marlborough wine tour or Blenheim wine tour.

View from Villa Maria Cellar door looking to the Richmond Ranges on the north of the Wairau valley.

View from Villa Maria Cellar Door looking towards the Richmond Ranges on the north of the Wairau Valley. Picture taken during one of our visits.


Steve introducing the Villa Maria wines during a Marlborough Wine Tour

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